Growing the Game Ep. 4—American football in Spain

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 4 of Growing the Game with Zach Mason! Today I’ll have some help with me on the interviewing side as I’m joined by Margie Olivarez, a good friend of mine who went to grad school in Spain and works in college athletics here in San Antonio, and she actually hooked up this great interview with Diego Gutierrez, who’s the team psychologist and assistant quarterbacks coach for an American football club in Spain called Camioneros de Coslada.

Show notes: 02:21 – Diego’s background 04:30 – American football in Mexico 10:57 – Moving to Spain 12:55 – The secret to Spain’s athletic success 17:06 – Getting started in American football in Spain, Spanish football leagues 22:22 – Most popular sports in Spain 25:30 – Spain’s American football federation (FEFA) 30:01 – Youth participation in American football and junior leagues 33:20 – Women in Spain playing American football 38:35 – Increasing the popularity of American football in Spain 42:25 – Modeling the Spanish league after other successful European leagues 49:35 – How local politics affect the growth of the gameSHOW LESS

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