Growing the Game Ep. 2—Baseball in The Netherlands w/Seb Visser

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 2 of Growing the Game!

In this episode, I chat with Seb Visser, press officer for #TeamKingdomNL and digital marketer for the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Federation.

Click here to view the whole show!

03:50 – Seb’s background, overview of team sports in the Netherlands

11:34 – Making the game affordable, introduction of Baseball 5

15:20 – Investments and funding

20:21 – The federation’s marketing priorities

24:34 – Fan support for Dutch baseball league

35:27 – Objections from sports fans

38:35 – Quality of coaching

42:06 – The dynamic of having national team players from the Caribbean and the Netherlands

44:25 – The importance of the Olympics

47:17 – The future of the game in the Netherlands

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