Growing the Game Ep. 1—Basketball in Scotland w/Neil Harrow

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of Growing the Game!

In this episode, I chat with Troy University women’s basketball assistant Neil Harrow, one of three Scotland natives coaching in NCAA basketball today.

Click here to view the whole show!

04:24 – Neil’s background, growing up in East Kibride, Scotland, the sports he played before discovering basketball

10:45 – Identifying the most popular sports in Scotland

12:09 – Accessibility to basketball courts and gyms for youth and how kids are getting exposed to the game

17:50 – Fan support for the Scotland National Team, funding for basketballscotland

21:24 – Breaking down the professional and collegiate leagues in the United Kingdom and Scotland

34:28 – Highlighting the differences in basketball culture between Scotland and Spain

41:08 – Popularity of basketball among specific cities within Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom

44:30 – Strategies to grow the game in Scotland

54:50 – The future of basketball in Scotland

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